Gelateria Mochi Gelato x Jet Fuel Gelato Indica: 40%Sativa: 60% THC: 28.76CBG: .84%Plant Material Flower History Bred by Compound Genetics Gelateria Acia Berry Gelato x Jet Fuel Indica: 40%Sativa: 60% Flower History THC: 31.48%CBG: .84%Plant Material

Layer Cake

Layer Cake Northern Lights x Dutch Skunk and AfghaniIndica: 60%Sativa: 40% THC: 30.07%CBG: 2.4%Plant Material Flower Description Wedding Cake x GMO x TK Skunk   Tasting Notes – Pungent / Gasoline / Baked goods When they say cannabis smells so strong that it is “loud” they are talking about strains like Layer Cake. The aroma…